About Measure & Made

Measure & Made® was launched in 2019 when CEO and founder Beatrice Purdy was fed-up with the one size fits all mentality and limited sizing options available to women. As a Shape 1 and a new mom, she knew her body and wanted to embrace her shape, not make do with ill-fitting and uncomfortable options designed off unrealistic model figures. With almost 20 years of experience at major fashion retailers, she knew she could do better.

Find your perfect fit today.

At Measure & Made we recognize that no two women have the exact same body, but we do have a shared frustration trying to find clothes that fit. Our bodies, while as beautiful as ever, come in different shapes and sizes that change as we age. That’s why our pants are powered by Fitlogic®, a patented sizing system that takes into account your unique shape, not just your size, and was concepted and developed over a 15-year period by women, for women.

300,000 pairs later, with a 90% success rate of women finding their perfect pants, we’ve only just started. We are excited to continue revolutionizing the women’s fashion industry, empowering women to feel their best and experience their perfect fit, so stay tuned for much more to come.

Our Product

It’s time to Take Back Your Closet.

Designed with comfort and fashion in mind, our pants and jeans are your go-to for everyday wear. We’ve incorporated a living waistband to move with you throughout the day and added just the right amount of stretch for ease. You can dress them up or down, wear them morning to night -- they work with everything, for everything. Additionally, by carrying triple the sizes vs. traditional brands, you can finally find your perfect fit.

It’s our mission to make clothes that embrace your shape and empower you to Take Back Your Closet™, providing confidence in the fit you love from a brand you can trust. We believe you will love our product so much that the Fit is Guaranteed!


Our Values

We say:

Inclusive. Body Positive. Confident. Empowered. Embrace Your Shape.

We acknowledge:

Aging. Motherhood. Diverse Shapes. Different ethnicities.

We are:

Revolutionary. Authentic. Personalized. Frustration Free. Comfortable. Proven.